Zelenci in Winter

“The valley of the Sava, with its cataracts and lakes, particularly struck me. I have seen nothing so beautiful in Europe.”
– Sir Humphry Davy

This is how a great British naturalist and chemist described the Upper Sava valley in his writings. And truly the beauties of the valley leave us speechless every time we visit. Many tourists visit Slovenia and one of the most popular is the Gorenjska region with its mountains, lakes and waterfalls. Everyone is amazed and Slovenia is ranking in top positions on more and more lists of the countries you have to visit. It is not surprising, as our landscapes leave even the locals amazed, even though we are kinda used of the sights and take them as granted.

Last weekend brought the ideal weather conditions. After fresh snow the sun came out. Lake Jasna was frozen and covered in snow. Zelenci lakes were shining in their typical blue-green color, after which they were named. A lot of people visited Zelenci reserve this weekend and they have chosen a great time, as the winter conditions made it look like you are in a winter fairy-tale.

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