Rebranding: Which Uroš Abram is this?

Hi, I am Uroš Abram… but which Uroš Abram?

Name is by definition a word by which we identify a person. But what happens when there are more people with the same name?

According to statistics there is 7.024 people named Uroš living in Slovenia (0,69% of male population). It is 36th most common name. There are 490 people with the last name Abram, and this name is on the 620th place. So, neither my name or last name are very frequent, but non the less, there are 5 of us having the same name. And two of us are photographers.

It is an interesting fact that I find quite amusing… but also quite annoying. People often congratulate me for an exhibition which I do not have; they see a photo in a magazine and attribute it to the wrong Uroš; I often get messages on Facebook, that were meant for the other one and sometimes I do not get emails, because they accidentally end up in his mailbox. And since we are both photographers, it makes it difficult sometimes for people to figure out that they are talking with the wrong Uroš. So what should be done to clear this mess up a bit? It was suggested to me, that I should change my name, so it would be clear it is not the same person.

I don’t like that option, because I like my name and it’s meaning. My first name is a Slovene and Serbian name, Hungarian in origin and it means “man, lord.” My last name is biblical, Hebrew in origin and it means “exalted father.” Both are very old and strong names, and I strongly identify with them.

Therefore I thought that the best solution would be to adopt a middle name. I was thinking about it and decided to use my grandfather’s name. Stanislav is a very old given name of Slavic origin, meaning someone who achieves glory or fame. It has pretty good meaning, but mostly it reminds me of my grandfather who taught me a lot. It is a small change, but I hope that it will help to differentiate me from the other photographer.

New logo

At the same time I decided to also change my logo. I wanted something simple, clean and memorable. It is composed from two triangles, one facing up, the other down. It represents my initials U and A, and if you look carefully you will also find an S hiding in there. The symbol also represents contrasts of nature like mountains/valleys, fire/water/ good/evil, men/women, etc. It is an ambigram, meaning it is the same when turned upside down. This also symbolizes that two opposites together form the whole. I would like to thank my friend Anja Jelen, who listened to my wishes and designed this logo.



Symbolism of the opposites

How come that this symbolism is so close to me? Honestly… I am not sure. I have been long fascinated by the fact that mostly everything in nature comes with its opposite. Be it good and evil, light and dark or in any other form. Nothing is as simple as it first seems. There is always other side of the story also, a different view, different mindset… It is also a fact that we cherish the good moments of life more because of the bad things that happen. We cherish the light of day because of the dark of night. And the cold of winter makes us miss the warmth of the summer. We are by definition creatures of opposites. The most social species, and the most aggressive one.

This symbolism became even more important to me after a very dark moment of my life. At that time someone told me that life is a constant battle between the light and the dark, and we are in the gray in between. We must decide towards which side we shall look, for that is what we will become. This was the point when I started to see photography totally differently. My camera helped me to see the light even in the darkest of places. And suddenly the whole world seemed brighter.

I would like to end this post with some photos. Four black and white photos of Zelenci. Again full of symbolism, but I will let you to discover their meaning for yourself.


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