Capturing the beauty of the world

Landscape photographer from Slovenia, published author, explorer and philosopher. Traveling the world, looking for beauty in nature and interesting stories that people are hiding behind their masks of everyday life.

If you are interested in working with me, or if you are simply looking for a photographer for your event or portrait shot, you are in the right place. Contact me and we will find the best solution together!



For my latest project, I was working with Slovene inventor Peter Florjančič, who will soon be 99 years old. Read about his story and his way of seeing the world in my blog.

Foto: Sabina Mišmaš

I have just published my new book, Welcome to Kranjska Gora, which takes you on a photographic journey through the Upper Sava Valley. Book is already for sale for 14,99€. Order your copy today on:

Kranjska Gora Dobrodošli